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Why do I practice business law (when I could still be enjoying corporate life with all of its perks)?

If you go to any courthouse you will see lot of people that are enemies, or at least not friends any more. And, everyone I ever encountered thought it would not happen to them (because the other party was such a nice guy). This is very sad considering that they were all friends at the beginning of their relationships? What happened? Greed, dishonesty, thievery, sloppiness, misunderstanding, unreasonable expectations, unexpected events? Now, I cannot eliminate the personality traits just mentioned, but can definitely reduce the damage to you and discourage the resulting behavior! In other words, PREVENTION! Liability law suits! Avoidable! Partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, family limited partnerships. I sometimes use the sequence of 5P’s to make my point here….Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

If I were to rank different business entities by probability of avoiding personal liability based on the case law history, the ease of obtaining financing, the probability of dissolution, quarrels, etc., it would go like this:

  1. Corporations (the best, very strong state oversight)
  2. Limited Liability Company
  3. Partnership (second worst)
  4. Sole Proprietorship (the worst)
Areas of Practice:
Business Organizations
Business Torts
Commercial Law & Contracts
Intellectual Property
Mergers & Acquisitions
Science, Computers, & Tech
Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

About Us:
We take pride in providing personalized legal services for your individual or business needs. Our practice includes: business start up and funding, business buying and selling, business succession planning, business reorganization, estate planning, power of attorney, end of life decisions, lawsuit protection and debt settlement or consolidation. We are also intellectual property attorneys with experience in electrical, software, mechanical and biotech technologies.
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